pictures of marijuana seedlings

A variety of pictures of marijuana seedlings from a few days old to just over a month. The pictures show seedlings grown in various ways such as with use of hydroponic set ups including the sea of green. We've also included pics from individuals' private gardens.
blueberry seedling
Blueberry seedling.
cannabis plants small
Lots of seedlings in a grow room.
cannabis seedlings
Cannabis seedlings.
cloning marijuana
Seedling from above.
growing in rockwool
Hundreds of cloned marijuana seedlings ready for planting.
hydroponics marijuana
Marijuana seedling in a hydro setup.
lots of seedlings
Seedlings in soil.
marijuana seedlings
Seedlings at 4 weeks old.
1 week old
One week old seedlings.
pictures of marijuana seedlings
Commercial seedlings.
seedlings 1
Small marijuana plant.
seedlings 2
Healthy seedlings.
seedlings 3
Seedlings growing with fluoro lights.
seedlings 6
Small plant in pot.
sea of green
Sea of green marijuana seedlings.
seedlings under fluoro
Picture of marijuana seedlings in a hydroponic grow room using fluorescent lights.
seedlings under light
Hps lights are kept very high above to prevent the plants burning.
seedling at 3 weeks
Seedling at 3 weeks old.
seedling roots
Seedlings roots.
small cannabis plant
3 week old plant again.

Please send us any pictures of marijuana seedlings you would like to see included in this gallery.

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