growing marijuana indoors


A popular method with cultivators around the world now is growing marijuana indoors. Although costing more than growing marijuana outdoors, it has many advantages. Firstly, the crop is concealed and hidden from prying eyes. Secondly, the indoor garden can be controlled in almost every concievable way. When growing marijuana indoors, you can control the temperature in the room, the amount of light the marijuana plant gets (which influences how big the plant gets before flowering) and how long it flowers for. Also when growing indoors you can grow hydroponic marijuana. The benefits of hydro include being able to vary the amount of water and provide and control the level of nutrients the plant needs. Of course the major advantage for growing marijuana indoors is the ability to produce maximum harvests and influence the quality of the end result.

The pictures below show a variety of indoor gardens in various stages of development.

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cannabis clones
Growing marijuana indoors using rockwool.
cannabis grow light
This indoor garden is almost ready for harvest.
cannabis grow room
Plants at different stages of development.
growing marijuana indoor
Growing in small pots, marijuana tends to develop one main large bud.
growing indoor hps
A larger garden with 5 lights above.
growing marijuana indoors
An excellent example of how to grow marijuana indoors.
growing marijuana indoors pic
One of the best ways to grow marijuana inside is to use the sea of green method.
growing marijuana soil cannabis
Note the vent fans sucking out the stale air from the grow room.
grow room marijuana
Another example of how to grow hydro weed.
healthy indoor plants
This marijuana grower has used aluminium foil to reflect light back onto the plants.
how to grow marijuana
A massive marijuana grow room.
how to grow marijuana indoors
Netting or mesh is used to keep plants the same height.
indoor marijuana
This cultivator uses mylar, a highly reflective film, to max the crop out.
indoor marijuana growing
Smaller plants indoors using mylar again.
indoor seedlings
Lots of seedlings.
light indoor
Growing marijuana indoors requires high levels of light.
many plants indoors
Plants under hps.
marijuana grow rooom
Light reflecting onto the weed.
marijuana grow room 1
Growing marijuana indoors, the sea of green.
small private garden
Small private garden.

Please send us any pictures of growing marijuana indoors you would like to see in this gallery.

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