funny marijuana pictures

marijuana_pictures has one of the biggest and best collection of funny marijuana pictures on the web. Our other great picture galleries include funny animated marijuana pics and marijuana art as well as literally thousands of pictures of buds, leaves and marijuana in every stage of the growing process.

Abraham Lincoln likes to get high.
Alien smoking weed - I know why they're here.
Bobby Hill weighs up the pros and cons of cannabis
captain chronic
Cap'n Chronic - love that buzz.
ernie getting stoned
Charlie's got the golden ticket
ernie getting stoned
Ernie and Bert getting stoned.
ernie getting stoned
Forgot my pot!
french humour
French humor.
funny marijuana picture
Home honey, I'm high.
hamspter rolling
Hampster rolling a joint.
harry pothead
Harry Pothead.
harry pothead
Hit dis blunt!
harry pothead
Just doob it.
Marijuana - over 1 billion stoned.
A case of the munchies.
A case of the munchies.
Old lady with a big spliff
Puff Puff Pass
quote for the day
Quote for the day.
This road train's shipping some reefer.
smoke and fly
Don't drink and drive, smoke and fly.
stone longer
A take off of a popular New Zealand beer.
stoned ranger
Stoned Ranger.
stoner lisa
Stoner Lisa.
What funny surprise will be in my chocolate today.
Top in-flight entertainment.
Warn a brother.
Yoda funny.
yoda on weed
Yoda smoking a joint.
yoda on weed
You have a blunt? Let's hang out.

Please send in any funny marijuana pictures you would like to see in this gallery.

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