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Marijuana Seeds

Top Quality Marijuana Seeds from Holland

Marijuana seeds arise when the male marijuana plant fertilises the female plant. Breeders however will cross strains of marijuana to develop new types of marijuana seeds. You can buy marijuana seeds from many shops on the internet. Seed banks will usually sell regular or feminised marijuana seeds. Regular seeds when planted, will germinate into a split of males and females. The split of males to females will depend on the type of seeds, the breeder and most importantly, how the seeds are grown. For example, if the plant undergoes lots of stress throughout the growing process, plants will have more likelihood of becoming males. Feminised marijuana seeds have been treated in such a way that all plants will be guaranteed female. They are a good seed to begin with for this reason, but usually cost more. You can find a great range of seed strains on our types of marijuana pages. Marijuana seeds are not legal in every country of the world. You should check your countries own laws before purchasing.

cannabis seeds
Cannabis seeds and a quarter. This really shows the size of seeds.
marijuana seeds
Marijuana seeds in a bowl.

seeds lots
Lots of marijuana seeds. Great to use as wallpaper.

seeds bag
Bag of many cannabis seeds collected from dry buds.
seeds germinating
These seeds are just germinating.
Marijuana seeds set against a light blue background.
marijuana seeds close up
Many brown cannabis seeds.
weed seeds
Thousands of marijuana seeds.

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