germinating marijuana seeds


There are several methods of germinating marijuana seeds. The most popular include the use of cotton wool (cotton buds) or rockwool. Like any other seed, marijuana seeds require water to germinate. Growers will usually pre-soak the seeds in cotton wool or in a damp environment, often in the dark, making sure they keep the seeds moist but not totally wet inside the cotton wool or rockwool. The seeds will usually take a few days or a week to begin to germinate. Growers then carefully transplant the seed after the tip of the root becomes visible. Carefully the seed and root is then put in soil or a hydroponic marijuana medium such as pearlite or rockwool to continue growing.

Below are some examples of marijuana seeds germinating or small seedlings that have just germinated. Growers will often then use a weak light like a fluoro to continue the process until the plant is ready for a more powerful light such as a metal halide.

cannabis germination
A recently germinated marijuana seedling.
cannabis seedlings
Germinating marijuana seeds in rockwool is a popular and successful method.
germinating marijuana
Fluoro lights are ideal for germinating as they don't put out too much heat.
germinating marijuana seeds
Germinating marijuana seeds in cotton wool or soft paper is the most popular marijuana germination method.
germinating outdoors
Germinating outdoors.
germination of cannabis
Putting lots of seeds together for germination is often done and then each is transplanted.
germination 1
2 weeks after sprouting.
germination 2
2 and a half weeks.
just germinated
New seedling from above.
marijuana germination
Lots of little plants which have been germinated individually.
marijuana one week old
This one has just popped out of the ground.
marijuana plant seedlings
About 3 weeks old.
marijuana seedling
Marijuana seedling next to a lighter.
marijuana seedling close up
Marijuana seedling from above showing leaf size.
marijuana seedling in rockwool
Marijuana has been germinated in rockwool and then transplanted.
new cannanis seedling
Looks like we doubled up here.

Please send in any germinating marijuana seeds pics you would like to see included in this gallery.

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