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The galleries below contain images of hydroponic marijuana gardens. Many indoor growers will want to go one step further with their gardens. Hydroponic set ups give growers the ability to control more elements of the grow room to a finite level. A hydroponic garden usually consists of a reservoir attached to the pots where the marijuana will be grown. The reservoir will have a pump set to a timer which will periodically pump the water and nutrients to each pot. This then drains through the pots, out the bottom and back into the reservoir. Usually the pots will not contain soil, but a different medium such as pearlite or red rock balls. This enables better drainage and discourages pests. The main advantage of growing hydroponic marijuana is increased yield. Though, as mentioned before, it is also the level of control that growers want (ror example, watering is completely automated). Most hydro marijuana is grown using powerful grow lamps such as a metal halide or a high pressure sodium lamp. See our marijuana lights gallery for pictures of these.
1 week marijuana
Clones growing in a hydroponic setup.
growing marijuana hydroponics
Example of airoponic marjuana growing
growing marijuana hydroponics
Using hydroponics for lots of clones.
growing marijuana hydroponics
Drip feed hydropnic systems are a great way to grow weed.
growing marijuana hydroponics
Growing marijuana hyroponically requires high levels of light.
hydro 1
A classic indoor hydro setup where the system self waters.
hydro 2
Hydroponic cultivation using the sea of green method.
hydro 3
Hydroponic marijuana setup in a closet. Keeps everything neat and tidy.
hydro 4
A fan is used to circulate the air and prevent heat and stale air building up.
hydro 4
You can set up your hydroponics to grow lots of marijuana plants efficiently.
hydroponic growing systems
This system is using rockwool as a medium.
hydroponic marijuana
When growing hydro marijuana, you can expect far higher yields than in soil.
hydroponic weed
Growing marijuana in a hydroponic garden can require more knowledge and expertise.
marijuana hydroponics
LED lighting systems have improved and work great in conjunction with hydroponics.
marijuana hydroponics
A perfect example of the high yields you can expect from a good hydro grow room.

Please send us any hydroponic marijuana pictures you would like to see in this gallery.

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