growing marijuana outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors is the way nature intended it and, despite suggestions to the contrary, marijuana can grow in varying conditions, temperatures and areas. Some types of marijuana will grow better in hotter climates and other types will grow in a particularly cold and wet environment. Of course the major advantage to growing outdoors is the sun. The sun produces more light than thousands of metal halides in one grow room could ever provide. This enables the plant to grow massive and tall. Unlike growing marijuana indoors, the cost associated is usually far less as there is no electricity and light or hydroponic gear costs. All you need is an appropriate piece of land. However, growing outdoors has its disadvantages too. Apart from the difficulty of concealling plants, your outdoor crop will have to face the forces of nature (for example rain and wind), deal with problems from pests and will need to be watered regularly.
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cannabis field
Hey man, I'm in a field of dope. Peace!
commercial cannabis growing
Growing marijuana outdoors commercially.
commercial setup
Another commercial growing setup.
gorillla growing
Marijuana gorilla growing.
growing cannabis outdoors
Plucking the reward.
growing marijuana outdoors
When growing outdoors, small holes are often used to trap water and keep plants from being too visible.
growing marijuana outdoors
A lovley shot of some weed growing outdoors.
hindu kush 33
A big Hindu Kush bud.
hollands hope growing outdoors
This looks like a big christmas tree.
how to grow marijuana outdoors
lots of weed
A great example of how to grow marijuana outdoors.
marijuana field
Marijuana field.
mairjuana greenhouse
A massive greenhouse operation.
marijuana growing outdoor
Marijuana growing in the mountains.
marijuana outback australia
Marijuana in the aussie outback, check those gums out.
marijuana outdoors
Outdoor plant.
outdoor cannabis picture
Outdoor cannabis picture.
outdoor growing by sunset
Outdoor growing by sunset.
outdoor marijuana growing
A lovely bud.
reaching for sky
Growing marijuana in the outdoors can be a great thing.

Please send any pictures of growing marijuana outdoors you would like to see in this gallery.

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