female marijuana plant


The marijuana plant is not asexual. There is both a female marijuana plant and a male one. The male plant creates a pollen which pollenates the female flower. After pollenation has occurred, the female flower produces seeds. If there is no male plant nearby, the female marijuana plant will continue to develop its flowers without seeds. This is called sensemilla. Usually male plants are used only for breeding purposes. Growers will tend to rip out of remove the male marijuana plants to avoid the females getting the seeds as this reduces its levels of THC. The female plant is what all growers want at the end of the day and they will often clone or buy feminized marijuana seeds to make absolutely sure that pollenation does not occur.

Below are several examples of the female marijuana plant flower in early development. So that you can tell the difference between the female and male plant, also check out our male marijuana plant gallery.

Marijuana Seeds nl

female cannabis buds
A female plant 2 weeks into flowering.
female cannabis plant stem
An easy way to tell the female marijuana plant is to look for the little white hairs coming out between branches.
female marijuana plant
This is a perfect picture showing a female plant at the very beginning of flowering.
female plant
Another female plant a few days into flowering.
its a girl
Its a girl!
marijuana male female
This fact sheet illustrates the differences between the male and female.

Please send us in any female marijuana plant pictures you would like to see in this gallery.

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