marijuana cloning


Marijuana cloning is popular usually with indoor growers or gardeners. The main reasons people will choose to clone marijuana is the ability to achieve an all female garden. If you clone an already existing female plant, then the clone will be guaranteed to be female itself. When starting from seeds, unless feminized marijjuana seeds are used, then the plant will either turn out female or male. The other main advantage of cloning is to speed up the whole growing process. Growers can start one set of clones ready for the next cycle while the current cycle is finishing.

The process of cloning marijuana involves taking a cutting of the original plant and inserting it into a piece of rockwool. The plant is then placed under a fluorescent light and within 3-5 weeks if successful, roots will be begin to emerge from the bottom of the rockwool. This is then transplanted into a larger pot. Growers will often use a rooting medium to increase the likelihood of the clone's success.

Below are a set of cloning pics.

cannabis clones rockwool
Marijuana cloning in rockwool is one of the most successful methods available.
cannabis cloning
Clones are ready when the roots start to show through.
clones 2
I'm not sure what is being used to clone here, it looks like pottery.
clones one week
These marijuana clones have just been transplanted.
clones tray
Cloning is a great way to guarantee female marijuana plants.
cloning marijuana
These clones are being rooted in pearlite.
cloning marijuana buds
Rockwool cloning.
This cuttting is ready for cloning, usually an agent is added to improve the likelihood of success.
marijuana clone planted
A planted clone.
marijuana cloning
The best way to clone marijuana is to use a fluorescent light.
marijuana cloning growing
Using pearlite to clone again.

Please send us any marijuana cloning pictures you would like to see in this gallery.

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